Friday, February 5, 2010

What is SCVMM?

SCVMM stands for System Center Virtual Machine Manager. This tool is used to manage and administer multi vendor Virtual Machines. This tool can help converting Physical Servers to Virtual Machines, migrate virtual machines and managing resources for virtual machines and Hyper-V hosts.

Monday, June 8, 2009

What is Boxing & Unboxing

Converting a value type to reference type is called Boxing
int i =5;
string mystring = i.ToString(); //This is boxing as string is reference type
Converting a reference type to value type is called Unboxing
int x= Convert.ToInt32(mystring); //This is unboxing
Boxing & Unboxing is a link between value type & reference type.
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What is ViewState in ASP.NET?

ViewState is used to maintain state of the page across the postback. Values are saved in encrypted form in hidden controls.
By default ViewState is enabled on ASP.NET Web Forms. If you dont want to maintain the ViewState, include the directive <%@ Page EnableViewState="false" %> at the top of an .aspx page.
Also you can switch viewstate on or off for any web control by setting EnableViewState property as true or false.